Mobile collecting

Mobile collection of textiles / small electrical appliances - new or used gives the direct opportunity to some wide range of Prague's residents to recycle near their homes. Project Mobileco – does not require any long-term occupation of the city space as each mobile container stays in carefully selected locations for a period of max. 3 days.

What to drop inside the container?

Donated clothing shall be wrapped well in plastic bags before being dropped into the container. Proper packaging not only make emptying of the container easy, as it is done by hand, but you also prevent the goods of being contaminated by dirt or water. This because it is handled/stocked and later transported to our storages and sorting facilities.

Into the separate TEXTILE Container part belongs:
  • clothing, clothing accessories, handbags,
  • paired shoes, toys,
  • home textiles (bedding, curtains, covers, tablecloths, blankets).
Into the separate ELECTRO Container part belongs:
  • phones, laptops, tablets, PC accessories,
  • cameras, electronic toys, chargers,
  • all batteries and similar small household electrical appliances

Do not deposit any:
  • carpeting, mattresses, furniture foam, wet, dirty, moldy textiles,
  • TV screens, PC monitors, bulbs and glass of any sort, any large appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.)
These appliances can be placed in collection yards (Sběrný Dvůr)!

Dates and locations of any Mobileco collections:

Time of arrival is indicative only and may change due to the operational reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

Mobilní kontejner Mobileco

Toll-free line
(800 839 845)