Door to door collecting (D2D)

We also operate house „door to door - D2D“ collections organized at selected locations. This besides stationary placed container collections. Details are always forwarded prior any collection. Public is being informed by post - flyer/leaflet, which is being delivered to your mailbox. Leaflet contains all the information necessary, the date and time of the event and contacts to our toll free number and website.

Textiles should be well packed while waiting outside for being picked up by our crew members. Assorted plastic bags protecting the goods against bad weather, are optimal. At the proper hour and date indicated, please, put bags with clothing right on a sidewalk next to your house entrance. Use the best visible place from the driver´s point of view. Your donation will be hand picked and loaded by our staff at the date indicated on the flyer.

House collections usually take place from morning to afternoon, where the selected area is serviced by one or more of our small trucks - marked with the logo Textileco Collecting & Recycling. During the day we systematically collect the bags as indicated.

It happens sometimes that some bag of clothes is overlooked. In such a case, please contact us at our toll-free number, where the agreement will ensure its later or second day pick up.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.