ČČK Czech Red Cross

Like other National Societies of the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, Czech Red Cross (CRC) cooperates in the social sector with Czech companies long-term engaged in professional clothing collection, ecological sorting, processing and redistribution of textiles, shoes and toys.

In case of the CRC, our contractual partners are only well selected companies.

Based upon such a cooperation was in 2012 established the project for the collection and redistribution of clothing Textileco The project is based upon mutual humanitarian, financial assistance and cooperation. By organizing of clothing collections, the necessary material and financial means are generated to support the CRC projects.

Collecting containers or leaflets used in the project Textileco are always properly marked with CRC logo, Textileco ♻ Collecting Recycling logo, the toll-free number 800 TEXTIL (800 839 845) and the project website www.textileco.cz. Contacts stated above may be used for communication purposes. The toll free line is here to answer any specific or collection related question from donors.

Collected textiles not only helps the needy through the CRC in the Czech Republic, but also in developing countries.

Our goal is thus of ecological, economical and humanitarian nature. The entire collection and sorting process of any donated textiles is very sophisticated and costly operation. By helping us indeed, you help some not so fortunate people in need.

Thank you for helping us to help.